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Radiation Protection (Health Physics) apprenticeships

Health Physics is an important trade, not just within the nuclear industry but also in medicine. At AWE, Health Physics Services provide radiological monitoring to protect people, the workplace and
the environment. Our advice helps AWE to comply with legal requirements which enable the nuclear site to operate. And we’re an essential emergency response service.

Our main focus in Health Physics is on radiation safety. That means making sure policies are developed and followed correctly. And, on a day to day basis, it means working actively to prevent radiological incidents. That’s mostly about monitoring.
We use a range of specialist instruments and equipment for radiological monitoring, and we wear protective clothing such as respirators and face masks. As an apprentice, you’ll learn not just how
to use the tools of the trade, but also how to test and check that they are working correctly.
You’ll help us to carry out radiological monitoring in different types of environment - from active production facilities, to those that are being closed down.
While most of our work is about prevention, we also need to be ready for emergency response. So you’ll take part in exercises to make sure you’re ready in the event of an incident.
Like all of us in Health Physics, you’ll achieve the highest standards in everything you do. After all, lives are in our hands.

What will you do?

You’ll get involved in every aspect of our diverse work. This will include:
  • Carrying out both regular and one-off surveys, including surface contamination surveys and  radiation surveys, to make sure the environment is safe
  • Practical monitoring work, including changing the air samples we use to monitor the quality of air in workplaces across AWE
  • Carrying out specialist activities to control contamination and radiation
  • Supporting people and equipment, to keep everything and everybody safe
  • Completing both large and small-scale emergency response exercises, to make sure our team can respond effectively in an incident, alongside the fire brigade and medical personnel
  • Learning to decontaminate personnel, including fire fighters, in the event of an emergency

How will you learn?

This level 2 apprenticeship is a two-year programme. You’ll be amazed by how much you learn. The programme has been designed so you can work through every aspect of Operational Radiation Protection. It includes:
  • Excellent training in our famous Skills Academy
  • Lots of practical experience from very early on
  • Work placements in a range of different facilities and sites
  • The chance to work with many different skilled professionals
  • Modules with both practical and written assessments
You will build an impressive portfolio of knowledge and skills. By the time your apprenticeship is complete, you’ll be ready for a rewarding career, and to gain nationally recognised qualifications.

 Level 2 Apprenticeship

Entry requirements:

  • Preferably GCSE in Maths and English at Grade 4 or above (or equivalent)
  • Must be age 18 or above as of 4th September 2018

Qualifications achieved during your apprenticeship:

  • Level 2 - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Working Safely (Technical certificate)
  • Level 2 English, Maths, (Functional Skills)- if required
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)
  • Process Safety Awareness Certificate

Duration of training: 2 years

Starting salary: 10,500 (plus allowances)